THREE people were arrested in Saltaire last night, after a police pursuit ended with a car crash and a vehicle catching fire.

The incident happened on Bingley Road, close to its junction with Carlton Road, and fire crews were called to the scene just after 9.30pm.

A white Vauxhall "failed to stop" for officers, West Yorkshire Police said, and was then involved in a collision with another vehicle, which crashed into a wall as a result, eye-witnesses claim.

"One of the cars", police added, then caught fire.

The occupants of the white Vauxhall - three males - were arrested and then taken into custody.

Although emergency services attended, there were no reported injuries, police confirmed.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "A white Vauxhall failed to stop for officers last night (18 January) on Bingley Road, Saltaire.

"There was a collision with another vehicle and one of the cars caught fire.

"Emergency services including fire and the ambulance service were called.

"There were no reported injuries.

"The occupants of the white vehicle, three males, were arrested and taken into custody.

"Enquiries are ongoing."

Earlier this morning, a West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said: "We were called out at 9.35pm last night to Carlton Road, Saltaire, to a car on fire after a road traffic collision.

"Nobody was trapped or injured but the car was on fire.

"Crews used a hose reel and a breathing apparatus to deal with the fire."

One witness who was at the scene said: "We live in the area, and we heard a huge bang.

"I went to go and see what was happening, and I couldn't believe the carnage."

Another witness described the scene as "not your typical Monday night".

They added: "I live nearby - I heard sirens and a car going by very fast. I then heard a loud bang. It didn't look too good at all.

"I opened my door and I saw absolute chaos on the streets."

Others also reported hearing a loud noise, with one resident adding: "I heard a bang and loads of shouting. 

"I saw the aftermath of the incident, with one of the vehicles having crashed into a wall.

"I then saw the other car just go up in flames.

"There was a lot of shouting and screaming, and I saw a man getting pinned down by a police officer, before the scene got cordoned off.

"You don't expect something like that to happen outside of your house, it was just mental."

Another person living in the area said: "We heard a loud bang, so we went outside. There were queues of cars being directed away, and there were a fair few emergency service vehicles and police cars.

"There was a car on fire and a car that had crashed into a wall on the other side of the road. 

"A man was being arrested as well, and the road was closed for hours afterwards."

The incident also caused disruption to public transport services.

The Keighley Bus Company tweeted: