SIR - The T&A reported on January 14 a meeting of The West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee. The Committee sounded in self congratulatory mood over an “ongoing increase” in the use of new cycle lanes and walking routes. As an aside, I thought the latter were called footpaths and are in plentiful supply.

On the cycle routes, which have in Leeds and Bradford been the beneficiary of vast amounts of taxpayers' money to construct, an amazing statement was made by the committee. This was that year on year from November 2019, journeys on Canal Road cycleway had increased by 90per cent. I say amazing because the obvious omission was made of the numbers that applied to the 90per cent uplift.

Was it thousands, hundreds, scores or what? I suspect the omission is because of what we all know. The white elephant cycleways are an underused abject failure and a grossly negligent way of spending taxpayers' hard earned income.

Philip Crowther, Beckfield Road, Bingley