SIR - Far too much media fuss is being made by the rolling 24-hour news services that have become the curse of modern life. They are desperate to fill every minute with “the latest” news, thus every mole hill event is promoted to mountain status, as sensational.

The next big story condemns the PM, especially at the anti Conservative Party BBC, for cycling seven miles as breaking Covid rules. I am 78-years-old, I wish I could walk or cycle seven miles, I would do so regularly despite the “thought police” interfering imposing fines for taking solo exercise!

I live in Bingley within the Shipley constituency and consider anywhere with in my constituency as local. Thus cycling from Burley in Wharfedale to Crossflatts, Bingley is probably about seven miles and completely acceptable.

Get off Boris Johnson’s back. He is trying to set a good example of fresh air exercising that is recommended to alleviate mental stress in the lockdown. A condition that got me stir crazy in the first lockdown. The best I can manage is a 90-minute walk in suitable outdoor conditions.

Well done Boris!

Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley