NIGHTCLUBS seem like a thing of the past right now, so we’ve dipped into the T&A archive for some nostalgic escapism.

Bradford has had a lively club scene over the years. At Maestro in Manningham, clubbers are pictured crowded onto the dance floor for a foam party (remember those?) back in 1997.

Remember TV’s Blind Date? Cloud Nine on Manor Row held its own version of the popular show back in 1991, while at Blue Lace hopefuls are pictured taking part in the final heat of the 1986 Miss Bradford.

Who went to 2 Flights Up? It was was promoted as Bradford’s hottest nightclub when it opened in the Nineties in the former Blue Lace building near Cheapside.

Lingards on Westgate was a popular department store that was famously bombed in the Second World War. It closed in 1977 and later became a lively wine bar in the 1980s and 90s.

Then there was Flares, at the top of Morley Street, which was the last club standing in the once-thriving West End part of the city centre. Its closure in 2019 marked the demise of the area as a nightlife spot.