NEIGHBOURS, strangers and friends are coming together to "unlock their worries" as new projects start up in Bradford.

In the past ten months, the district has faced unprecedented levels of grief, loneliness and anxiety and those who overcame their own struggles are now ensuring no one ever has to face battles alone.

With sport limited in lockdown, Dudley Hill RLC's Neil Wall and Elliott Cousins have turned their focus to helping people start a conversation about their mental health.

The Speak In Club has been a long time dream for Elliott and has now got a team of specialists, therapists, youth workers, nutritionists and more on board.

Aimed at all ages, backgrounds and genders, Speak In Club gives people the chance to discuss issues with like-minded people and access free support. As restrictions continue, the club will be operating walking sessions outdoors, providing free tea and coffee to-go to warm people up.

Elliot said: "In 2018, I struggled with my mental health, I overcame that by eventually talking about it. I spiralled due to alcohol and recreational drugs. Luckily I have got a great partner and two young boys. They were born early December, 2018. By the point of that month, I was contemplating taking my own life.

"I had to seek some help. My friends didn't really know but I had to say something otherwise tragic events would follow. I broke down in front of my dad which was hard at the time. I'm by no means where I want to be but I'm miles in front of where I was before.

"Men think it's going to be a burden on somebody if they talk about it. As soon as you tell someone that weight's off your shoulders. It's massive for men but that's started to come out more now.

"We're going to have some guest speakers, people who have struggled in the past and came out the other side, ex professional sports players who've struggled with gambling, women who've struggled with domestic abuse. We've got banking personnel who can help with any banking problems, mental health professionals.

"It's something we're passionate about."

In a message to anyone who wants support but feels scared, Elliott said: "Everyone's there for the same reason: to be a better person and come out the other side."

To get involved, email or message the Speak In Club's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile personal trainer Kieran Ickringill is helping people boost their wellbeing through fitness with free weekly resources throughout the lockdown.

It's a passion project for Kieran who found peace in fitness and overcame years of anxiety and depression. Last year, Kieran told the Telegraph & Argus: "I was no longer drinking and was sticking to my medication and eating properly. I began training six days a week and saw the changes it made to my life."

He is providing free workout plans to help people of all levels stay active at home to benefit their physical and mental health.

Kieran said: "Everyone is on their own and no one's helping anyone. Hopefully it will make things a bit better for people. I know there were lots of people saying they can't spend any more time at home. When I heard we were going into lockdown it worried me a bit.

"I thought I'd do something about it and keep busy. A few people said, oh I can do this with my kids.

"Sometimes it's just nice to be nice.

"People sort of sit at home and you can sit there and think about it and get yourself in that much of a state about it. If you've got something to get your mind off it isn't as bad.

"If I can help a few people they might not have to go down a difficult road like I did.

"I've got men, women, teenagers, people who are 50 or 60 year old. It's just everyone really."

You can ask for free fitness sheets via