AS the Covid-19 crisis deepens, there has been much talk over whether restrictions will need to be tightened to bring the virus under control. 

Crime and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse has said the UK is at a “perilous stage” in the battle against coronavirus.

Asked today about the possibility of increased Covid restrictions, Mr Malthouse told Sky News: “We are at a very, very perilous stage in the progress of this virus through our country. If we are going to get through this in good shape, and if we make sure that this is the last, big lockdown of the country, it’s very important that we all stick to the rules, and we see very high compliance."

People in Bradford have been sharing their views on the issue, with many calling for more stringent measures.

Telegraph & Argus reader Lesley Hodgson said this lockdown "is nothing like the first" and "people are not respectful of the rules". She said Bradford Council should impose a curfew and added: "We are almost 11 months on and worse state than we first started in March last year."

Sharon Leigh Mckenzie wrote on the T&A Facebook page: "The first lockdown I remember myself and daughter going to the supermarket to get essentials and I was surprised to see not a single soul on the street, we only saw about four cars on the roads it was like living in a ghost town, this lockdown is nothing compared to the first one, I went to the shop other day and it was like a normal day loads of people and cars about, to stop this virus spreading we need a full on lockdown even if its a long one until everyone is vaccinated, that's my opinion."

Leanne Godfrey added: "Absolutely, it doesn't feel any different to two weeks ago. The restrictions are not tight enough. Too many places still open for business and too many children in the schools. I get people have to work, including me . But was hoping this would be one big push to get on top of it once and for all. I don't see an end at this stage."

Philip Hedges said: "Full lockdown is needed not the half bake set up we have now."

While Isla Dowds Skinner wrote: "If everyone complied with current restrictions properly maybe we’d not need stronger ones."

Mandy Gill said it's like an "ordinary day out there before lockdown".

However, Ann Lizzie asked: "I wonder if those calling for full lockdown don't have to work or go out? How do they live? Fully supported by others? And will they be moaning about mental health in a few weeks?"

James Walker added: "How many people here would support a full lockdown with no financial support, except say Universal Credit? Spare a thought for the millions of self employed people out there who now can’t make ends meet. Three lockdowns in and we are no better off. Take the vaccine and learn to live with it."

Earlier this week, Bradford Council said the district is in a "particularly critical period" in the battle to beat COVID-19 and public health experts urged everyone to think twice about their daily activities.