MAPS comparing the current situation with that of four weeks ago show how much worse the spread of Covid-19 has got in Bradford over the past month.

The Government graphic shows how infection rates in almost every area of the district have risen, in some areas dramatically, in the past four weeks.

On the map, lighter, green colours show low infection rates - the number of positive cases per 100,000 people - while darker blues show higher rates, with purple being the highest rates of infection.

Greens show a rate of below 99 infections per 100,000 people, light blue is 100-199, dark blue 200--399 and purple shows a rate of 400 and higher.

The map, comparing the rates in the seven days to December 9 (left), with the seven days to January 6 (right), show how much worse the situation has got in Bradford, as the rate of infection national spread massively due to a new strain of Covid-19, the loosening of rules around Christmas, and the Government's failed tiered system of restrictions.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 also only reflect between an eighth and a quarter of actual cases - as many people with the vrius are asymptomatic or don't get tested - meaning the actual figures could be much higher.

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While the situation in Bradford has got worse, the district is doing much better than the South East, East of England and London where the virus is out of control. One in 20 people in London currently have Covid-19.

The North West, Midlands and North East have also been worse-hit than West Yorkshire so far. The county was one of the last areas to stay in Tier 3 before national lockdown was announced on January 4, and Bradford has been under some sort of added restriction compared with the rest of the country since the summer.