SIR - Over the past few days the Home Secretary has been bullish in advising the police to display a more forthright approach towards individuals or groups supposedly failing to abide by Covid-19 regulations. Concerns have been expressed that this new lockdown is not having the desired effect, with more people using public transport or travelling outside 'their area'.

At 11am on Sunday I found this to be clearly the case. The car parking area outside Roberts Park and adjacent play area was full to capacity. There were as many people as there would have been on a summer's day before this pandemic began!

I learned that police had visited the area the previous afternoon to encourage people to return home.

Why are the likes of Wickes, B&M, KFC, McDonalds, Greggs and garden centres open? In the first lockdown, these and many other shops were closed. Consequently most only went out to shop at supermarkets.

I remember how quiet the main roads in and out of Bradford were in April and May. I am not seeing this when I cycle to and from Shipley on days I deem it necessary.

I firmly believe that to reduce the infection rates, closure of the above-mentioned outlets is a necessity.

Stephen Hetherington, Thirlmere Grove, Baildon