A Yeadon man's Atlantic challenge has struck an unexpected obstacle after one of his team was injured.

Ben Thackwray, 27, is part of a specially selected all-British team attempting to break the longest standing and most sought after record in ocean rowing. The record, set by a French team 15 years ago, stands at 35 days, eight hours and 30 minutes.

But the team has already hit a setback after it was forced to return to port when one of the crew suffered a knee injury.

An entry on Ben's website says: "The Oyster Shark Ocean Challenger was making good progress on the second day when one of the crew, Andrew Morris, suffered a knee injury.

"Whilst this is really bad news for all concerned, particularly of course for Andrew, it happened on only the first full day out.

"It was therefore possible to make the decision to go back to port and hopefully restart."

The team is now hoping that a replacement - possibly a brother of one of the crew members - will be able to join them.