DID you camp outside St George's Hall to see David Bowie?

Today would have been Bowie's 74th birthday and Sunday January 10 will be the fifth anniversary of his death.

The singer, one of the most respected, influential and revered artists the UK has produced, performed at St George's Hall in Bradford on his Ziggy Stardust tour in 1973 and his Tin Machine tour in 1989.

Bowie's 1989 Bradford appearance in front of 2,000 screaming fans came with a warning to stay away from drugs. Halfway through the gig, the blond-quiffed star waved his arms and told his followers not to "screw round" with the hard stuff before launching into Sacrifice Yourself.

"This is called Sacrifice Yourself - but don't sacrifice yourself to drugs," he told them.

Bowie had walked on stage lighting a cigarette and cheers shook the hall when the delighted crowd saw the then 42-year-old with his white acoustic guitar slung over his shoulders. He'd last been at St George's in 1973 and told fans: "It hasn't changed a bit."

There were no state-of-the-art lighting effects at the 1989 gig - just sparse white, red and blue backlights and four overhead lamps with a plain white canvas backdrop.

Four hours before the show started, around 100 fans had crowded around the stage door to watch the arrival of the rock legend. Anyone who dared to blink would have missed it as his tour bus pulled up and he hopped off quickly in sunglasses, dressed in a baggy cricket sweater, flanked by security, and smiled briefly before disappearing into the concert hall.

In a bid to beat the touts, news spread there were 50 extra tickets at the Box Office and queues quickly built up, but the spares went quickly and by 7.30pm that night a pair of tickets worth £16 was going for £100.

Bowie, whose extensive back catalogue includes hits like Starman, Let's Dance and Ashes to Ashes, released his latest album, Blackstar, on January 8, 2016 - just three days before his death from cancer, aged 69. Bradford's HMV record store sold out of Blackstar soon after its doors opened for business the day his death was announced.