IF you’re on with the post-Christmas de-clutter, it might be worth hanging onto to some old toys. There could be gold in that there toy box...

Among the most valuable toys and games revealed by online marketplace OnBuy are trading cards, comic books, toy cars and Barbie dolls. The most expensive Barbie was a Stefano Canturi doll that went for £226,000 in 2010, due to her designer necklace of pink diamonds.

Other dolls worth value include Original Barbie (1959), Marie Antoinette Barbie and Pink Jubilee Barbie.

The data, commissioned by onbuy.com/gb/toys-and-games, found that Barbies are the most searched toy, with nearly four million searches worldwide each month. Hot Wheels come second, with one of the rarer finds a 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb, worth £131,000.

Trading Cards have sold for the highest amount with a rare signed Trout rookie card sold making history last year when it sold for a record-setting £2.9m.

Disney VHS tapes have the least amount of monthly searches but the most successful, Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond, sold on eBay for £11,478.

And with 163,300 average global monthly searches, the most expensive sold bundle of Beanie Babies in the world was a known as Wallace and his Squad (one large Wallace and two regular sized Wallaces, Cashew and Huggy). The bundle sold for a whopping £450,000.

Other valuable Beanie Babies include Rainbow, Valentino, Princess the Bear, Bubbles and Piccadilly Attic.

Since my Barbie dolls were handed down by my cousins, by the time they reached me their hair had been cut and their faces were covered in felt tip. If only toys weren’t played with they’d be worth a small fortune!