WEST Yorkshire Police has welcomed four new puppies to boost the dog section.

Trainee police dogs Bruce, Leo, Mali and Zero are getting used to their surroundings at the Carr Gate Training complex.

The four pups were born on October 21, 2020, and are all Malinois breed dogs.

They will spend the first few weeks familiarising themselves with the police environment and visiting different stations across the force.

Police dogs Rudi, Resi, Riley and Bo are helping the pups to settle in.

Inspector Nicola Brown who heads up the dog section said: "It’s great to be able to welcome these four new recruits to the dog section as dogs are a valuable part of the police family.

“These puppies will go through a rigorous training programme to ensure that they can support us in some of the most demanding scenarios in the fight against crime.

“I’d like to thank the handlers and Police Dogs who will play an important role in their development.

“We will keep you updated on how TPD Bruce, Leo, Mali and Zero are getting on and hopefully all being well they’ll be out fighting crime in the next year.”