ALMOST 80 per cent of people support another national lockdown to try and control Covid-19, a survey has found.

The poll, by YouGov, of 1,592 adults found 79 per cent backed a lockdown, with more than half, 51 per cent, 'strongly' supporting a lockdown.

The 79 per cent figure is up by eight per cent from a similar poll on December 22.

However, 16 per cent were against toughening restrictions further.

The poll comes hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation, in which he is expected to announce the whole of England will be placed into Tier 4 restrictions, effectively a national lockdown, with schools being closed.

It comes following serious pressure from scientists, unions, the public, opposition politicians and his own MPs to act urgently to bring in further restrictions to try and slow the spread of Covid-19.

In recent weeks the virus has been running rampant through the country, causing case numbers, hospital admissions and deaths to soar.

YouGov said those polled included people across all major political parties, regions and ages.