AN application to build 14 houses on a plot of land off Allerton Road has been submitted to Bradford Council.

Submitted by Elaine Patel, the application is to build 14 houses on the curtilage of an existing house.

The 0.47 hectare site is near the junction with Prune Park Lane on the edge of the Allerton area.

It is an outline application, and details of the style of house will be submitted as part of a more detailed application if this proposal is approved.

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The application says: "The site had been overgrown as the previous tenant of the existing dwelling had let the site get into a poor condition.

"The site has since been cleared and tidied.

"The proposal includes a new access which involves the widening of the footpath to the north of the site."

Three people have objected to the plans so far, raising concerns over drainage,  traffic, privacy, and fears that the development will impact the value of existing houses in the area.

A decision on the application is expected in March.