AN 'ERRANT' Christmas tree had to be cleared from a motorway this morning, as it was blocking an entry slip-road.

Highways England said traffic officers were sent to junction 28 (Tingley) of the M62 at around 8.05am today.

There was a fir tree blocking part of one of the entry slip-roads onto the eastbound carriageway at the junction.

An image shared by Highways England on Twitter showed a black car having to manoeuvre to the right to avoid hitting the tree.

There also looked to be some debris from the main body of the plant on the hard shoulder.

Highways England said on Twitter: "It's that time of year again.

"Traffic Officers attending to this Christmas tree that has decided its New Year's resolution is to inconvenience the travelling public at junction 28 M62 east entry slip-road.

"It'll be clear soon."

The blockage was removed "and told not to return" less than 10 minutes later, at around 8.13am.

Highways England said on Twitter: "Our New Year's resolution is to do as we always do - clear the roads to keep you moving.

"The errant tree has been removed and told not to return.

"Safe travels."