HUNDREDS of people have suggested new 'active travel' measures for Bradford as part of a consultation that ends tomorrow.

In June Bradford Council began an online survey asking the public to suggest schemes that would make it easier to walk and cycle in the District. It was part of a push to reduce pressure on public transport - which has been stretched for much of the year due to the need for social distancing.

The Government had granted over £12m to West Yorkshire to implement such measures.

In Bradford new cycle and bus lanes have been added to major routes, and Shay Lane in Heaton has been closed to traffic to create a car free route for cyclists and walkers.

The consultation ends today, and hundreds of people have made suggestions for scores of sites across the district.

Public asked: 'How would you make Bradford's streets safer?'

Some suggestions, such as adding outdoor seating and 'parklets' to North Parade, have already been implemented.

Others, such as a segregated cycle route on Sticker Lane or reducing the speed limit in East Morton, are being considered.

And some, such as reducing the speed limit to 20mph around the University of Bradford and introducing cycle priority measures at the access to the Aldi and Costa on Canal Road, will be considered by other Council departments as they fall outside the active travel remit.

Many of the suggestions have been rejected.

Rejected suggestions include a speed limit for cyclists on the towpath of the Leeds Liverpool Canal to make it safer for walkers.

A suggestion to re-open a disused railway line on Dick Lane as a possible new cycleway was rejected due to the land not being on a public highway - making it ineligible for the funding.

To make a suggestion visit here before the end of Thursday (December 31).