IT's currently unknown whether Bradford's hospitals will take Covid-19 patients from London in a bid to ease pressure on hard-hit areas of the country.

A leaked report, featured in the Health Service Journal (HSJ), claimed critical care patients in the capital could be transferred to hospitals in Yorkshire to cope with over capacity. 

The HSJ was told by senior sources in intensive care that the move was due to rising hospitalisation figures.

Critical care is running at more than 100 per cent of capacity across London and the South East.

On Monday night, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy was at 114 and 113 per cent respectively.

In comparison, the North East and Yorkshire region has 67.6 per cent occupancy.

When asked whether hospitals in the West Yorkshire region could be used, an NHS spokesperson told the T&A: “The NHS has tried and tested plans in place to manage significant pressure either from high COVID-19 infection rates or non-Covid winter demands and this has always included mutual aid practices whereby hospitals work together to manage admissions.

“While the NHS is opening more beds in places like London to care for the most unwell patients, it is vital that people continue to follow government guidance and do everything possible to reduce transmission of the virus.”