WE all love a bargain, and the New Year sales are traditionally where you will find them.

But this year of course retail has been hit hard, in the pandemic, and sales shopping won’t be the same this January.

So we decided to dip into our archive to take a look back at shoppers in the 1970s and 80s who flocked to Bradford to grab some bargains over the post-Christmas and New Year period.

A more recent photo of Darley Street, from 2005, shows what a busy shopping street it was not too long ago.

Over the decades crowds have packed into department stores including Rackhams and Claydens for everything from a half-price winter coat to a new TV. And by the look of things, shoppers often dressed up smart to head into town. Shopping was a social occasion, and a chance to get out and about.

Do you remember going sales shopping in the city centre, or in stores around the Bradford district?

What were some of your memorable purchases...and what were the impulse buys that you never wore or used again?