GROUPS set up to shape the future of many of Bradford's libraries will meet for the first time next month.

Keighley Library is one of a number of District Libraries that will begin to deliver a "tailored offer" - services unique to the area the library is based in, rather than a general offer provided by every library across the District.

A working group is being established for each library taking part in this pilot scheme, and a report going to Bradford Council's Executive on Tuesday reveals that the groups will begin meeting next month.

The issue is on the Executive's agenda after a petition signed by over 1,800 people was presented to Bradford Council earlier this month, calling for Keighley Library to be protected from cuts.

The petition had been drawn up in March in response to plans to cut over £1 million from the Library Service budget, but because of Covid 19 delays it was only presented to Councillors this month.

Call for 'urgent review' of library's £420,000 a year annual rent

Since the petition was started Bradford Council has revealed that all its libraries would be staying open, despite a big re-structure in the service.

A report going to the Executive says: "The final report (into the library shake up) clearly articulates a commitment from the Council to retain all

existing library services across the District, whilst £700,000 investment from the Council’s Health and Wellbeing budget would enable the service to build on and enhance the work it already does to meet priority outcomes including: tackling poverty, addressing social isolation, assisting people back into employment and helping with school readiness."

It adds: "There have been no further library service redundancies since March, and there are no plans to close any libraries across the District."

But the Executive will be told that the service needs to identify £350,000 worth of savings in the coming financial year.

The Executive meets online at 10.30am on Tuesday January 5.