A BRADFORD family has shared special events and conversation through a pane of glass this year as the pandemic continues to change the way we live.

For Jean Holmes and her family, it is a window of hope and acts as the safest way to speak in person and swap gifts.

From birthdays and Easter to Christmas, this is how great grandparents Ken Haran, 92, and Edna Haran, 94, of Cullingworth celebrated Christmas Day.

Their daughter Jean told how the visits keeps both their mood and parental instincts in check as they sneak sweets out the window to mum Katie Bache, Joshua, 5, and Rosie, two and a half.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, Jean said: "Mum and Dad are now house bound. If it had been a normal year the children would have gone inside, had some cuddles, some chocolate. Everytime they go see mum and dad all year they have been going to the window. My mum always says, 'Give them some chocolate'.

"Last time they went it was Joshua's birthday.

"Obviously it's been better than nothing and to not be inside Mum and Dad are house bound so they wouldn't have gone anywhere. I'm their carer, I look after them along with the carers they do have.

"For them to be great grandparents that's an amazing achievement.

"It's just missing the hugs more than anything. They were quite excited about seeing them at the window.

"It's not natural to not be able to hug.

"The children understand, they're only young. They just wave at the window blowing kisses.

"We're lucky they're quite bright grandchildren. At school the teachers have been very good. When Joshua talks he'll say, 'Two metres apart, Grandma!'. They've learnt a little bit at school. Even Rosie, she's quite good as well. She'll stand back. They've just accepted it this year. They're going along with it.

"I go everyday. I go every morning and then I go back at lunch time and then the carers go back

I've been lucky really. My brothers have only seen them if they've gone to the window."

Jean remains hopeful that an end is in sight and that her young grandchildren will remember visiting their great grandparents in 2020 fondly.

"There is going to be an end, things are going to get better," she said.

"Mum and Dad are waiting for a vaccine.

"We've all got one life and one chance at life we've got to make the best of it.

"It's been sad. I've never experienced anything like this in my life and I do think it's been a challenge and it's been very scary.

"We've all got to be positive. We're all in it together."