ALL five of Bradford district's MPs have come together to call for an end to the spate of vandalism of mobile phone masts and attacks on workers installing them.

The Telegraph & Argus has reported on a number of deliberate attacks on masts in recent months.

In November, dramatic pictures emerged of a mast in a residential area of Bierley engulfed in flames. When such attacks have happened, police have driven home the point that any deliberate ignition "presents a significant risk".

Earlier this week, Peter Gilson, director of Radio Access Networks at Three, told the T&A: "We have lots of instances through the year, not just in Bradford but right around the country, but in Bradford, where we've had verbal abuse, people have been spat at, people have been called names and their cars have been scratched."

In a plea to the public, a joint statement has been issued by Philip Davies MP (Shipley, Conservative), Naz Shah MP (Bradford West, Labour), Robbie Moore MP (Keighley, Conservative), Judith Cummins (Bradford South, Labour) and Imran Hussain MP (Bradford East, Labour).

The MPs said: "There has been a worrying rise in attacks on mobile phone masts, and even on telecoms engineers themselves, in the Bradford area in recent months.

"At a time when there is more need than ever for people to stay connected to their loved ones over the festive period, it is extremely important that no more masts are vandalised.

"These attacks can cause network outages, leaving thousands of people unable to access critical 3G and 4G services.

"There is also a risk that vandalised masts, particularly those that have been set on fire, could be a danger to people if they collapse.

"These attacks are the result of simple vandalism and conspiracy theories linking 5G to coronavirus and other illnesses.

"These theories are completely unfounded and the Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation have all made clear that there is no evidence suggesting a link between these radio waves and any ill health effects.

"Attacking mobile masts has significant consequences for phone signal in the local area, with the potential to disrupt critical services or leave vulnerable people isolated.

"We want everyone to stay connected this Christmas.

"We are therefore asking the people of the Bradford district to please be vigilant and alert the police if you see any signs of suspicious activity around phone masts.”

To report an ongoing emergency incident to West Yorkshire Police, dial 999.

You can report information or non-urgent suspicious activity via 101, the live chat facility or via