A BRADFORD filmmaker has scooped four prestigious awards in the space of two weeks.

Adam Mawson’s first film Abduction, which focuses on the disappearance of six children from a village under mysterious circumstances, has won the best science fiction film at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival.

Set in Adam’s home village of Baildon, the short film stars Bradford-born actor Danny Cunningham, who has appeared in the TV series Soldier Soldier and played Shaun Ryder in the film 24-hour Party People.

Adam’s son Harvey, who loves acting, also starred in Abduction as did his wife Lindsay.

His second short film - the short horror, 13, also won in its category. Also filmed in Baildon, the film is based on actual paranormal events that took place in 1991 in a house in Bradford.

“What people witnessed and recorded was truly terrifying and is known as one of the most authentic paranormal evidence ever caught on camera, today known as the Barmby Place Ghost,” explains Adam. “These events continued until 1997, when the activity suddenly stopped.”

Adam’s film, which also stars Harvey, moves the tale on 22 years to give it an up-to-date focus.

“Both my projects were selected to be part of the motion picture festival, which I thought was great. I was over the moon when I heard that Abduction had won for the best science fiction film of the festival and then, amazingly, 13 also won for the best horror film,” he says.

Following hot on its heels, Adam then learned that 13 bagged awards for best science fiction film at the Los Angeles Sci-Fi Film Festival and also earned him the best director title too.

“I’m still in shock to be honest I can’t quite can believe it - I’m an award winning director and filmmaker. Abduction was my first film, made with no budget, it seems insane. It’s brilliant to have such good news, especially this year.”

Among those congratulating him was actor Reece Dinsdale - currently working with Danny Cunningham in Emmerdale - who tweeted ‘Well done, Adam. Well played, sir!’

Self-taught, Adam’s interest in making films began when he was young. In the summer holidays he used to make short films with his dad’s video camera and learned special effects on his computer. He went on to become a TV and film extra to learn more about the industry.

Adam’s next project - his third short film - is a werewolf film The Moor, set on Baildon Moor.

“I was planning on making The Moor this year but because of the pandemic my plans were stopped in their tracks,” says Adam, 44. “Hopefully I can start filming next year.”

He has written the script and believes Baildon Moor is the ideal location. “The wild moorland with tracks here and there has just the right atmosphere,” he says.

Adam has entered Abduction in Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying film festivals in 2021.

“If I get selected or if I win an award I can submit the film to the Oscars and BAFTA’s in the short film category, which would be brilliant.”

Away from the cameras Adam runs his own printed personalised gifts company, Artylicious, with Lindsay. *Abduction and 13 can be seen on Amazon Prime. Abduction is on YouTube.

Visit: watch.amazon.co.uk/detail?asin=B08526ZFJ2&territory=GB&ref_=share_ios_movie&r=web

Also: youtu.be/_1elseDEutU