IT'S a miracle! Bradford Christian School in Bolton Woods has kept the age old tradition of the nativity alive with some clever camera work.

As the pandemic continues to affect festive celebrations, the nativity provided a boost to parents and grandparents in what has been a challenging and lonely year.

Shaun McGrail, the technology and communications manager, said the school filmed snippets of the script over a number of days with different bubbles.

The nativity, It's A Miracle, saw the angels work together to find somewhere for Mary and Joseph to stay and get everybody together to see the birth of Jesus.

Mr McGrail said: "We've never done it before. It's very new. We had to contend with bubbles and the way we did that was editing takes, filming one bubble one side of the stage. With some editing trickery, putting them into the same scene. It was difficult because we'd never done it before.

"We didn't want anyone breaking covid rules so what we've done we've allowed up to three places on the live stream. The parents can book and they can add grandma and granddad from either side as long as it's close family.

"We're a Christian school so our faith is anchored in the birth of Jesus and to have that nativity performed by the little ones is really important for us, especially the parents.

"It just seems to lift everybody's spirits."