SIR - Bradford MP Naz Shah is absolutely right about a need for a campaign for road safety in Bradford with the high number of fatalities in parts of the city.

An even bigger killer however is air pollution which is linked mainly to the road traffic worldwide. In 2013 a nine-year-old London school girl, Ella Kiss-Debrah, died after suffering an asthma attack. Significantly, a landmark ruling by an inquest into her death has concluded that she died from the effects of air pollution, which was illegally high in that part of London. The first ruling of its kind.

The reality is that an estimated seven million people die from air pollution in the world every year. But the interesting thing about this is that hardly anyone cares. Even Extinction Rebellion never seem to mention this statistic, always referring to climate change which is a different thing. This raises questions about the movement's real motives and why the world is so nose blind to this terrible problem.

Hopefully the verdict on this girl's death will change attitudes.

Alan Bates, Bowland, Avenue Baildon