THE FOLLOWING planning applications have been received by Leeds City Council:

Bramhope: demolition of garage and rear extension; alterations including single storey front extension with first floor over; terraced area with bi folding doors to rear. Ryedale, 4 Wyncroft Grove.

Guiseley: Western Redwood (T1) - to be reduced in height by 50% (7.5metres) due to risk of it falling in high winds onto street or properties. Current height is approx 50ft (15 metres). 2 Southway.

Guiseley: three new dormer windows to rear. 36 New Way.

Guiseley: alterations to existing house and garage, including new first floor dormer to front feature & Single storey front extension plus new pitched roof over existing garage to create first floor above. Timber Tops, Wills Gill.

Guiseley: determination for agricultural building. Land off Thorpe Lane.

Guiseley: retrospective application for erection of agricultural lambing shed and feed storage. The Old Barn, Carlton Lane.

Hawksworth: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a detached garage to side and single storey extension to side. Reva Bungalow, Goose Lane.

Horsforth: single story side extension. 52 West End Drive.

Horsforth: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to gable, dormer window to the rear and rooflights to front. 7 Victoria Mount.

Horsforth: Retrospective Planning and Conservation Area application to address issued of as built/not included, to accord with Grant of Planning Permission 18/06828/FU (proposed increase in height (rear section) and new external cladding to existing retail unit fronting New Road Side and change of use of existing retail unit to residential with side and rear extension to form six apartments). New Road Side.

Horsforth: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a single storey extension to rear. 39 Springfield Rise.

Horsforth: Retrospective application for change of use of retail shop to cafe/restaurant. 85E Town Street .

Horsforth: Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a dormer window to the rear; rooflights to front. 16 Hunger Hills Avenue.

Horsforth: See attached Tree Report. Turner And Townsend Uk Limited, Low Hall, Low Hall Road.

Horsforth: change of Use from office to body piercing and massage studio. The premises are split over two floors, I plan on using the downstairs part as a reception area and massage studio whilst I will be carrying out body piercing in the upper part of the premises. There will be no internal layout changes or elevation changes associated with the proposed development. Rejuvinate, East View, Broadgate Lane.

Menston: removal of condition 29 (Bus route surfacing) of previously approved planning 16/04643/FU as Avant Homes has made enquiries with local bus service providers and after numerous attempts either no response has been received or the providers have not been willing to provide a service to the development. Chevin Park, Former High Royds Hospital.

Otley: single storey side extension. Holly Cottage Side Copse.

Otley: conversion of stables to a single dwelling. Redlands Stables Billams Hill.

Pool-in-Wharfedale: new boundary wall to front/ Surrey Lodge Arthington Lane.

Rawdon: 2 Beech trees - crown thin by 10%, crown lift to 5m and to reduce limbs overhanging the public highway by 5ft. 28 Micklefield Lane.

Rawdon: single storey side extension; raised decking area to rear. 46 Markham Crescent.

Rawdon: T1 Beech, Large mature tree twinned stemmed at approx 4m where there is included bark, the tree is situated next to a play area and a footpath which is in constant use by parents and children. Fell the tree and replace with 3 more Beech on the banking. Bronte House School, Apperley Lane.

Yeadon: Retrospective application for garden shed to rear. 19 Briarlea Close.

Yeadon: demolition of former care home and new detached block of 8 retirement apartments. 16 Harper Lane.