SIR - The closure of Shay Lane to through traffic is hugely welcomed at least by those of us who live at the Heaton end of the lane.

In return for a short detour (not one of several miles, as was claimed in report on October 6) we will benefit from:

An end to the professional fly-tipping and casual littering that has plagued the lane and the woods for many years at an annual cost of many thousands of pounds to the council, and by extension to us.

No further risk of death or injury to walkers and animals from reckless drivers and an end to road-rage incidents at the narrow parts of the lane.

A large reduction in traffic pollution, particularly on the Heaton side where many children and elderly people live.

The woods too will flourish again, as we saw during the spring lockdown.

All this for an extra half-mile or so on a car journey - a small price to pay.

Well done Bradford Council. Please make the change permanent.

John Milnes, Highgate, Heaton