SIR - Lord Hammond, the Chancellor in Theresa May's cabinet, stated that there will have to be a broad based taxation regime to help to eliminate the debt we are accruing because of Covid-19.

This country has a staggering amount of money, in the trillions, in hedge funds and wealthy citizens' accounts, simply doing nothing.

The next worse thing to a pandemic is a war. War Bonds were sold by the Government to patriotic citizens which were redeemed when war ended and our economy developed in peacetime normality. To test the patriotism of the 21st century's wealthier British I would, if I was Rishi Sunak, sell Covid-19 Bonds.

This could then reduce the broadness of a new tax base and keep millions of our below average wage earners out of the inevitable new Covid tax.

You know it makes sense.

Len Holdsworth, Sandside Close, Bradford