SIR - Growing up in a house where my parents fought constantly, Christmas would be a likely time for more turmoil. Eventually they separated and my brother and I moved into my granny’s house where peace, at last, prevailed and Christmas finally became something to look forward to.

That’s why it’s so sad for me to see new research from Action for Children that shows most children in the UK are worried this Christmas may not be the happy time it normally is.

It’s not surprising the pandemic has left them anxious, scared and lonely. Growing numbers of parents are wondering how to afford to keep their family warm and well fed.

Action for Children will be making sure vulnerable families are supported. But this year their frontline staff will be needed more than ever, to give out food vouchers, make sure gas and electric bills are taken care of, picking up prescriptions, or being there to listen.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with frontline workers and it’s a humbling experience - but they need your help.

Become a Secret Santa for vulnerable children by texting PRESENT to 70607 to donate £10 or by visiting

Let these children and families know someone is thinking of them this Christmas.

Larry Lamb, Action for Children ambassador