A TEENAGE drug dealer caught with 72 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine in Bradford city centre has been locked up for 27 months.

Amaad Asif was sentenced almost two years after he was arrested aged 18 for peddling drugs in North Parade on the late afternoon of December 5, 2018.

Asif, now 20, of Walmer Villas, Manningham, Bradford, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply and possession of criminal property.

Prosecutor Peter Byrne told Bradford Crown Court yesterday that he was seen selling drugs to a known addict.

Police officers on duty in the city centre at 5.20pm watched the drug user phoning Asif who turned up to clinch the sale.

He had 40 wraps of crack cocaine of 57% purity and 32 wraps of heroin of 51% purity in his fleece jacket, plus £52 in cash.

A search of his bedroom uncovered a further £2,074 in cash and dealer cards with a name and number on them.

Mr Byrne asked the court to make a confiscation order in the sum of £2,127 and for the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.

Asif’s barrister, Shufqat Khan, said he was 18 at the time with no previous convictions and he had stayed out of trouble in the two years since his arrest.

The court was handed a probation report and two references.

Mr Khan said Asif had worked in a call centre but lost his employment and began associating with older men. They allowed him to smoke their cannabis free of charge and then led him into Class A drug dealing.

Asif genuinely regretted what he had done and was very remorseful.

He was the only person in his hardworking and law abiding family to become involved in crime.

Mr Khan said Asif’s father was held in high regard in his business running restaurants and takeaways. His son knew he had brought shame on him and the rest of the family.

He was now living back at home with his parents and he would be found work in the restaurant trade.

Mr Khan said Asif had always intended to plead guilty to the offences but had not been summoned to court by postal requisition until this October.

Judge Andrew Hatton said he and others like him peddled misery on the streets of Bradford.

He sentenced him to 27 months’ detention in a young offender institution.