A trainee mechanic has been jailed for three years for burgling a house at dead of night and trying to smash his way into another home in broad daylight.

Saif Ahmed was one of a gang that broke into an address in Bingley in the early hours of October 23 while a couple and their children were asleep.

Prosecutor Robert Stevenson told Bradford Crown Court today that Ahmed, 22, of Midland Road, Manningham, Bradford, was on licence at the time and had been recalled to prison.

The burglars stole a handbag and a black BMW 3 series worth £15,000 from the property.

Five days later, the car was used in an attempted housebreaking at 1.30pm on Thorpe Lane in Guiseley.

The male householder heard a loud bang as the gang tried to smash their way into his home. They carried on attempting to force their way in even after he had banged on the window. One of the males then made a one finger gesture at him.

The rear door lock was snapped and the intruders had then tried to kick their way in.

Three suspects in face coverings were seen outside and it was believed they were after a Mercedes car, Mr Stevenson said.

The males made off in the BMW stolen from the house in Bingley. It was seen on Toller Lane, Bradford, on false plates and pursued by the police across the city at high speed until it went down a steep embankment on to a cycle path.

The car was abandoned with the engine running and a police drone found the suspects hiding in bushes nearby. Discarded balaclavas were also discovered.

Ahmed had six previous convictions for 13 offences, including house burglary. He was on licence from a 22 month jail sentence for handling stolen goods and dangerous driving.

He pleaded guilty to burglary, theft of the BMW and attempted burglary and was sentenced on a video link to Leeds Prison.

Ahmed’s barrister, Andrew Semple, conceded that a custodial sentence was inevitable.

Ahmed had been training as a mechanic when he fell into significant cannabis use and ran up a debt. He was then under pressure to repay his dealer.

He had reflected on his offending while on remand under lockdown and wanted to make a fresh start by taking a bricklaying course.

Mr Semple said Ahmed did not make the one finger gesture to the householder. There was no ransacking of the Bingley house it was “limited intrusion to get the keys.”

Judge Andrew Hatton said both the properties were occupied and one had young children in it. Ahmed was part of a group or gang and the stolen BMW was used in the second offence.

He had a previous conviction for house burglary and was on licence at the time.