THE BROTHER of Bradford’s Santokh 'Charlie' Singh has joined the city in paying tribute to the 'King of Otley Road'.

The much-loved man sadly died on his birthday, November 30, as a result of serious head injuries.

A murder inquiry has since been launched by West Yorkshire Police.

His sudden death is all the more painful for the family who only lost their late father three weeks ago.

"It's a scar I will take to the grave," Vinnie Badwal told the Telegraph & Argus.

"We're exhausted. We're not sleeping. We're in turmoil.

"We're not grieving, I can't process it yet. He was only here on Friday.

"I can't imagine what he felt."

Growing up on Otley Road in Undercliffe, Vinnie and his brother attended Carlton Bolling when it first opened its doors and became inseparable.

The Singhs had four children: two girls and two boys.

Vinnie joked that being the first born boy, Charlie always had everything before his siblings including Scalextrics and a Raleigh Chopper bike.

His love for cars and motorbikes which was born in childhood saw him own a GT 185 Suzuki in his later life.

Vinnie recalls his "disciplined" attitude which saw him succeed as an engineer of 32 years following an apprenticeship.

"We've always had a close relationship. When I had an exam, he said, 'You'll do it fella'. He used to call me 'fella'.

"He was so easy going.

"He was the first born.

"It's my big brother. He was still my my brother. I still asked him questions on life. He was always there."

But his true passions were people, nights out at the pub and his dog, Vinnie said.

"He's lost some great friends," he added.

"It's hard."

Writing in the T&A's online book of condolence, he said: "RIP dearest brother Charlie, no one deserves what happened to you.We only just lost our beloved dad and I am sure you will both fly high together and we will fight for justice.

"I hope you find some peace away from all the pain and suffering you endured."

Hundreds of people across the district have paid tribute to the man they shared many nights and pints with.

Stephen Metcalfe, one of his oldest friends, described Charlie as "an Otley Road legend.

"Myself and his oldest friends are having a reunion in memory of Charlie as soon as we out of lockdown, have beer, share memories, even shed a tear," he said.