WITH icy temperatures and even snow forecast for this week, it seems winter has well and truly set in. But will it be as cold as the winter of times past?

The winter of 1979 and 1963 were among the worst of the 20th century and have long been remembered for heavy snow and bitter cold. January 1979 was a record-breaking month in terms of both heavy snowfall and Arctic temperatures.

Remember the Big Freeze of 1963? It was one of the coldest winters on record. Blizzards swept across the UK, with snow drifts over 20ft deep, blocking roads and railways.

We’ve dipped into our archive to bring you some snow photos from the past. Anyone who recalls those long winters will have been familiar with deep snow covering doors and windows. Pictured above is a resident of snowy Queensbury digging her way out in March, 1979.

Wibsey folk may recall the 1979 snowfall blocking in motorists on the High Street. Who remembers digging out their car that year?

There’s nothing like a bit of snow to create some warm-hearted community spirit - neighbours in Queensbury are pictured in the harsh winter of 1979 armed with shovels and spades, working together to clear the heavy snow.

It was a case of the show - or the rugby match - must go on at Bradford’s Odsal Stadium in the winter of 2013. Many sports events were cancelled, due to heavy snowfalls sweeping across the country. But here are some plucky fans clearing snow from the terraces in time for a Super League game against Salford.

Were you at the match, or were you one of the fans working hard to get the stadium cleared in time?