EVERYBODY loves to reminisce. My story on it being 40 years since the old Park Avenue ground was demolished generated a wave of anecdotes from you all.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a chance to sit back and enjoy going back in time.

"Love the photos! They bring memories flooding back," said Costabantam.

"I lived in Great Horton as a kid so went to the Avenue. Who remembers the two old lads that stood in front of the tea hut under the main stand?"

The ground housed Bradford (Park Avenue) when they were in the Football League from 1907 until 1970.

Kevin Hector, Len Shackleton and Bobby Ham are a few of the names who pulled on the green and white at the iconic venue. One game in particular stood out for you.

Sean Crannigan said: "I went to see Bradford (Park Avenue) play Fulham in the FA Cup third round (in 1967). Fulham won (3-1), of course, and Alan Clarke scored twice.

The "Judge" added: "Sean, I was at that game with my late father.

Justmeonone was also there, he replied: "I watched the Fulham game too, Johnny Haynes played.

"I started watching Avenue in the Hector era (1962-66). I lived and breathed Avenue along with a lot of other people. I had great memories of that great ground."

Park Avenue was a multi-sport facility with the football and cricket pitches being separated by a huge stand.

For many the most memorable moments came from watching Yorkshire and the city's finest clubs take to the crease.

Algarvebantam added: "What wonderful memories!

"I lived in Lidget Green and used to walk up through Cannon Mills to the ground.

"I got Garfield Sobers’ autograph at the cricket side of the ground and had my wedding reception in the cricket pavilion."

Yorkie 59 enthused: "My first ever cricket match was in the late sixties with my grandad. I was able to mingle with some of the great and good of Yorkshire cricket. It was a lovely atmosphere."

J M Curmudgeonly recalled: "I was too young to watch football at the grand old ground but remember with fondness trips to watch Yorkshire.

"The lower tier of the stand was a haven for the elderly. My grandad took me and was never shy to offer advice to third man or fine leg."

Paul Wood said: "As a kid I remember Chris Old bowling to Viv Richards from the pavilion end."

Paul Rhodes added: "I watched Yorkshire become champions loads of times there.

"Yorkshire legends Brian Close, Fred Trueman, Jimmy Binks, and Ken Taylor played both professional cricket and football there."

niceleftfoot claimed: "It was our Headingley."

I will sign-off with a pair of Avenue supporters who have seen it all.

Fan of almost 60 years David Rawling said: "My first visit was to a 3-1 win over Crystal Palace, with my dad, followed by a 1-0 victory against Peterborough.

"Over 17,000 and 20,000 there respectively. We went in the grandstand so I could see!

"Many games followed, and I stood in various places with school and neighbourhood friends until settling for a 'behind the goal' place, changing ends whenever allowed."

Mike Stead added: "My first recollections (of the ground) were against Barrow in September (1966) sun.

"Entering with a friend from a Canterbury Avenue end turnstile then up railway sleeper steps to the top of the open Kop. The scene took my breath away and I stood gazing at the sheer beauty of the scene.

"Freshly cut grass rich in colour a magnificent Leitch Edwardian stand taking centre stage. Ornate iron fretwork gables Welsh slate. A work of art!

"The game was of little interest to a 10-year-old as he set about exploring this cathedral. A 1-0 defeat set the tone for the post Hector era.

"The club never really recovered. We take our heritage for granted. A wonderful place. Sadly, lamented in loss by all true Bradfordians."