THIS is the moment officers from Kirklees Council arrived to slap a closure order on law-breaking, Magna Carta 'quoting' Quinn Blakey Hairdressers.

The salon, in Bradford Road, Oakenshaw, was handed the closure order today at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court after failing to close through lockdown.

It now must shut until midnight on Tuesday - the end of lockdown - and any breaches could be met with up to 51 weeks in prison, a fine, or both.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Officers arrived just after 5pm to pin the laminated orders to the salon's shutters, explaining the court ruling earlier today, with the salon closed for anti-social behaviour and "persistent serious nuisance to members of the public".

Many local residents complained about the salon, which has stayed open despite Covid-19 regulations making it illegal for non-essential shops to stay open, and it has already been fined £17,000 for failing to close.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Kirklees Council said the closure order means that anyone entering the premises could be arrested and fined or given a maximum prison sentence of 51 weeks.

Speaking after the court hearing, cabinet member Paul Davies said Ms Quinn and the customers who visited the salon during lockdown had “acted selfishly and recklessly”.

He said: “This is the last thing we wanted to have to do but we have been left with no choice.

“Today’s result is not a cause for celebration, it’s a message to anyone who thinks they are above the law.

“The truth is that we are gravely disappointed that it has come to this, as this is not something we ever wanted to do, but public health is our number one priority.”

Owner Sinead Quinn posted a document in her window quoting the Magna Carta and saying she "did not consent" to the regulations. All of the claims in the document have been found to be false by legal experts.

In a rambling post on the Quinn Blakey Hairdressing Instagram page this afternoon, Ms Quinn falsely claimed the closure order and fines from Kirklees Council were "unlawful", as well as telling other businesses to "wake up" and "not stand for lockdown", and making unsubstaniated claims about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ms Quinn then went on to tell people to "keep their vibrations high because we can't succumb to fear".

She said: "That is what they want, to scare you, and lower your vibrations, because there's going to be a shift in the universe. There's a massive spiritual awakening happening and its us. Whatever they are trying to do, ushering us into a New World Order, we're stopping it."