SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies says he will vote against the ‘absolutely catastrophic’ Tier 3 restrictions on Bradford.

Mr Davies says Tier 3 will be the final straw for many firms in the district and is ‘absolutely catastrophic’ for the hospitality sector.

MPs will have the chance to vote either for or against the Tier restrictions in Parliament next Tuesday, with Mr Davies adding he will vote against his government.

Mr Davies said: “I’m not surprised. I was pretty sure that’s what the outcome would be. That does not make me any less angry about it. I am absolutely furious about it, to be perfectly honest.

“It’s a continuation of the intolerable restrictions on the freedom of my constituents.

“It’s desperate for the local economy, particularly for the hospitality industry, it is absolutely catastrophic.

“I don’t think destroying the economy is the right solution to it.

“I will be voting against this next Tuesday.

“My heart goes out to the businesses and the people working for them. It’s desperate for them. This will absolutely be the final straw for many of them. It is an absolute scandal.

“It is not going to be a happy Christmas for all those businesses that have been destroyed and for the people losing their jobs.”