NORMALLY, the comments section of the Telegraph & Argus (or any newspaper, really) can be a bit of a minefield, but the updates we've been giving you on the potential of stock car racing returning to Odsal for 2021 has brought a rare dose of positivity down there.

So after we brought you the news yesterday that stock cars may be racing at Odsal for the next 12 years from next Easter, with Bulls possibly returning around the same time, we thought why not take a look at the best of our readers' reactions.

For most, it was that warm feeling of nostalgia which they enjoyed about the news.

Below the line on the website, The Only Way is... commented: "It has been a few decades since I saw stock cars at Odsal and speedway was always a larger attraction then, but anything that can help to make it viable for the Bulls to come back to central Bradford is extremely encouraging."

Dores added: "Good to have this potentially heading back and hopefully speedway too.

"Could turn out to be a good asset to the city that few places have, which will bring visitors from miles around.

"It should also generate new found fortune for the Bulls, win-win all round."

Bone_idle18 mused: "The RFL would be daft not to seize this opportunity to turn Odsal around.

"With investment from all parties, Odsal could thrive again, host rugby, stock cars and speedway and be in a position to self-fund itself."

2049 enthused: "Most positive thing I've heard for the city yet, this should generate decent income for the stadium.

"I always loved going to the speedway as a kid and later stockers, can still smell it!"

There were a couple of comments questioning the viability of the plans, given the dimensions of the pitch and how the ground has gone unused since Bulls moved out 15 months ago.

But the vast majority were satisfied with prospective promoter Steve Rees' comments on costings in the article, with him clearly stating how much money would need to be spent to make the stadium "fit for purpose" for stock car racing.

A couple of cheeky commenters couldn't resist an obvious joke, with J. Obless saying: "Can't imagine that they will struggle for a speedway team with all the homegrown talent on the local streets..."

At the time of writing last night, there were nearly 160 comments on the article on our main Facebook page, with 133 shares and nearly 300 Facebook reactions.

It is safe to say the story has captured our readers' imaginations.