SIR - Being a speedway fan for over 50 years, I was interested to read in the Remember When article (T&A, November 21) about Simon Wigg.

My only comment was that the article appeared to be rewriting history about the 1985 Speedway World Final and who was responsible for it being held at Odsal. Whilst I agree that Bradford Council provided much needed financial support to improve spectator facilities, with a further £154,000 in 1990 to improve the safety of the stadium to allow the 1990 World Final to be held, the driving force on the speedway front was the British Speedway Promotors Association under the chairmanship of the Belle Vue promoter Stuart Bamforth rather than messrs Boothroyd and Ham.

Throughout the 1985 the Halifax promoters made public statements that the Odsal project would not affect the longterm future of Halifax speedway. The fact that Halifax Dukes moved to Odsal in 1986 was due to three factors. Speedway at The Shay was in a poor financial state, expensive alterations to the track were required to comply with new safety regulations and Bradford Council was offering the use of Odsal at a peppercorn rent.

Charles McKay, Haslemere Close, Bradford