SIR - I very much appreciate the stories that I enjoy reading about in your publication but the planning application related articles are getting like a broken record.

We all know the reasoning behind residents' choices to build dormers or extensions to their properties so perhaps there is no point in going further into this apart from this: Experts have long said that multi-generational households are a main concern and a contributory factor when it comes to Covid infection rates rising in West Yorkshire and elsewhere. Even though in some cases it cannot be helped, especially in these cash strapped times, if the households think a dormer extension is the answer to achieving more living space then may I suggest contacting the planning authorities prior to commencement of any building works.

Surely that will be much cheaper than the stories I have read or heard about where illegal structures built or transformed without planning permission have had to be demolished, with the householder hanging onto the hope that his/her retrospective planning application will be passed eventually.

Good luck with your ideas of trying to inform people of the application process. I firmly believe it will be ignored by most people.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford