A HAIR salon ordered to close after breaching lockdown rules appears to still be open in defiance of the current restrictions. 

Quinn Blakey Hairdressing, on Bradford Road, Oakenshaw, caused a stir earlier this month by failing to comply with the current Covid-19 regulations. 

Two weeks ago, the owner, understood to be Sinead Quinn, was issued with a prohibition notice to close by the Council, supported by West Yorkshire Police, as well as an initial Fixed Penalty Notice of £1,000, which then rose to £3,000.

A series of videos have been posted on the salon's Instagram account, including one of a confrontation with Kirklees Council officials and a police officer. 

In it, Ms Quinn insists she is not breaking any laws and does not consent to any fines issued. 

She said: "I'm not breaking any laws. I'm standing under common law and I can open my business under common law."

A video posted two days ago on Instagram shows another visit from a Council officer. 

She says: "I don't consent to any fines, so it'll just be returned to sender."

She said the police had also made a visit as she was closing up to go home.

A subsequent post yesterday said: "In the midst of the Council visit I was fitting these. The most natural looking extensions. Back at it tomorrow."

The salon has cited Article 61 of the Magna Carta in defence of staying open, however independent fact-checking website fullfact.org says the clause set out rules for 25 specific barons. It did not allow the general population to rebel, and it was removed from subsequent versions of the document.

Ms Quinn told the Telegraph & Argus today that she did not wish to make a comment. 

Kirklees Council has also been contacted for comment.