A couple found in a parked-up vehicle in a "state of undress" had a perfectly innocent explanation.

The duo - who were somewhat lacking clothes when police arrived on the scene - said they were merely getting changed into more suitable walking gear before enjoying a stroll in the countryside near the M62.

The police officer who discovered the couple said news of the vehicle's expired MOT proved "a bit of a passion killer" for the driver.

Motorway Martin tweeted: "So just been up to the mast above junction 22 and found a couple in a vehicle in, shall we say, a state of undress. Claimed they were getting changed to go walking! Checks showed the vehicle had an expired MOT. A bit of a passion killer for the driver! 😳"

The incident prompted a light-hearted response from Telegraph & Argus readers.

One said: "Maybe he was about to MOT the passenger" while another added: "Oooh Matron - there's only one full mast around here."