A BRADFORD doctor says it ‘is not worth’ easing the lockdown to allow multiple families to mix over Christmas.

Dr Amir Khan instead urged people to spend Christmas with the people you live with and called for lockdown measures not to be eased in time for December 25.

Families across England could be allowed to mix indoors for a five-day period over Christmas under news rules, it was reported earlier this week.

Ministers are understood to be looking at allowing households to meet over a period covering Christmas Eve right through to Bank Holiday Monday.

It comes as national lockdown restrictions are set to end on December 2, but the three-tier local lockdown system will return to the country.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Dr Khan said: “The vaccine is very good news and it gives us hope. It does not save Christmas.

“We’re looking at springtime to vaccinate enough people to have a normal-ish type of life.

“We want to have as normal a Christmas as possible.

“For the sake of a family get-together, is it worth risking people’s lives? I don’t think it is.

“We can get through it, we just have to knuckle down to work that little harder for that little bit longer, so we can have a normal life later on next year.

“It’s going to be hard for families, but with my medical hat on I don’t think we should be easing lockdown to the degree to have three or four households mixing. It’s not worth it. We love our family members and we want to keep them safe.”