PUBLIC Health teams in Bradford were dealing with 94 Covid outbreaks in the District on Tuesday - with 49 of those being in schools.

Head of Public Health Sarah Muckle was updating members of Bradford Council's Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee on efforts to tackle the spread of Covid at a meeting on Tuesday.

Members heard that most outbreaks were small scale - it takes two people or more becoming infected to be classed as an outbreak, and that the District's Outbreak Management Board attempts to act early to tackle any such situations.

They can involve multiple infections in locations like schools, care homes or places of work.

The board monitors such cases, and works to prevent the virus from spreading further, by measures such as collapsing school bubbles or asking staff at businesses to self isolate.

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Mrs Muckle said: "We manage a lot of outbreaks at any one time.

"We're currently managing 94 outbreaks, but that changes day by day. 49 of these are in schools.

"The schools have managed exceptionally well and quickly look to close bubbles.

"The Outbreak Management Board is working really well - people are responding very quickly and know what to do when there is an outbreak.

"An outbreak sounds like a really big issue, but what we often find is that outbreaks are quite small. It takes just two people to get infected before we take action."

The committee was meeting online due to restrictions preventing Council meeting from taking place in person.