POLICE fined 12 motorists at Ilkley Moor this weekend for parking that: “put lives at risk.”

Numerous people visiting the beauty spot had parked on the pavement on Hangingstone Road, near the Cow and Calf rocks.

As well as blocking the pavement, many were also parked in a way that would require other drivers to cross a double white line in the centre of the road to pass them.

Fly-tipping, which could have caused "major wildfire", removed from Ilkley Moor

A Tweet from the Ilkley Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We understand how lovely Ilkley Moor is but this weekend we have issued 12 fixed penalty notices as the parking is dangerous and puts lives at risk.

“Maybe consider adding half a mile to your walk and parking further away.”

Ilkley Councillor Anne Hawksworth Tweeted to say she hoped the fines sent a “strong message.”