A BRADFORD woman has written and illustrated children's book that deals with important issues faced by children during he pandemic.

Sukhraj Kaur, a higher level teaching assistant at Horton Park Primary School, published the book Evil Dr Virus and the Invisible Pink Slime, earlier this year in the wake of the first national lockdown when had to stay home from school.

Miss Kaur said: "It is based around the current pandemic and lockdown situation we are all facing, and emphasises to children the importance of handwashing and self-isolating when feeling unwell to protect our loved ones.

"It also draws on the memories all children will now have of not being able to play outside, food parcels and watching the news for updates.

"It features a new an original character who decides he would like a child free summer, and so creates an elaborate plan to keep children inside and ruin summer as the town works together to isolate and wash hands to "defeat he virus".

"Writing a book has been on my bucket list for a long time," said Miss Kaur.

"When children came back to school in September how they were affected by having to stay home during lockdown was a topic we could not ignore.

"Lockdown might have upset children, so we had to be really sensitive at school and did not mention lockdown or Covid-19.

"But after a summer off school, the children were really excited to talk and be back at school."

The book comes with free activity planning for parents and guardians to use at home.

She said: "It was a hit with families who needed to keep their little ones occupied whilst at home. I have also used my teaching experience to create a completely free website with over 20 free downloadable resources to use along side the book in class that link to various learning criteria.

She said some schools are also using the book during in class assemblies to discuss and.highlight the importance of good hygiene practice and to explain why isolation is paramount in protecting the community and loved ones.

An award-winning teacher at Horton Park Primary, Shamshad Azad, has reviewed the book and said: "Children have faced very tough and challenging situations during the pandemic and this truly inspirational book, bursting with hope and reasons to be positive, provides the comfort and reassurance they’ve been needing. It replaces the sense of joy and excitement that’s been missing for too long."

The book is available on amazon.co.uk at £7.99 with all the resources online for schools available for free.