A LARGE Bradford secondary school has come in for criticism again after another photo purportedly taken in a jam-packed corridor at the school has been circulated online.

Immanuel College responded to claims last week that social distancing guidelines were not being followed at the school, after photos and videos were spread on social media.

One particular image allegedly showed a corridor at Immanuel, which was crowded with pupils.

The school released a statement to parents and carers, after the various pieces of footage spread like wildfire on Facebook during the first part of last week.

Immanuel insisted it is following "all" government guidance, "including that in relation to movement and social distancing".

But now a new image has emerged, allegedly from later that week.

A concerned parent got in touch with the T&A on Friday, November 6, and sent a photo over by email.

They claimed their daughter's friend had taken the picture at Immanuel College on Thursday, November 5.

The photo showed a corridor that was even more jam-packed than the one in the picture from the start of last week.

Pupils in the image look to be shoulder-to-shoulder, with some trying to access a lift, others coming down stairs, while a large group of students can be seen coming through open double doors towards where the camera is (taken from the vantage point of the stairs).

Most of those in the image are wearing face coverings, but there are some without.

The Government's guidelines for secondary schools states, face coverings should be worn by adults and pupils when moving around premises, outside of classrooms, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing cannot easily be maintained.

But some individuals are exempt from this.

The picture was shared on social media app, Snapchat, which allows users to take a photo, edit it, add text, emojis and GIFs to the image, and then send it to friends before it disappears after a few seconds, or add it to a "story" which people can view for 24 hours.

The person who shared the image on Snapchat added a caption to the photo.

It said, "Totally social distancing", and was accompanied with two laughing emojis.

Other parents also got in touch with the T&A to share this latest photo, that had begun circulating on social media.

The T&A asked Immanuel College for a comment in response to the latest photo on multiple occasions - firstly last Friday - but the school had not responded by the time of publication.

Last week's first image sparked huge debate on Facebook.

There were more than 180 comments on the T&A's post, with discussions also springing up on community pages where the story was shared.

Many outlined that this is an issue replicated across most schools in the city and the rest of the country - something that is unavoidable, some declared.

One woman commented to say she had shown the image to her daughter and asked if this happened at her school too.

The woman added: "She said not when they are in their 'bubbles', but yes, every lunchtime when year groups are arriving/leaving the dinner hall.

"Year 9s going one way, Year 7s the other, all squeezing and pushing past each other."

But others called for schools to be closed, with one woman revealing she had contacted her MP about the problems within education settings.

One man said: "Schools need to close now, what's the sense in a part lockdown when children are in close contact with each other.

"Anybody apart from Boris and his Government knows that schools are a main source of viruses.

"Act now, save lives and NHS, or these mini lockdowns will go on forever until nobody's left on the planet."