STUDENTS are set to be allowed to move home in December to be reunited with their families during the festive period, under Government guidance.

Universities will be told by the Department for Education to end in-person teaching and switch to online classes next month so students can travel home between December 3 and 9.

This is a boost for students, many of whom have been separated from their families since September due to strict rules in universities due to Covid-19.

The guidance, being published today, tells unis to stagger departure dates so students can return home safely.

Dr Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, said: “The mass movement of students across the country at the end of term presents a really significant challenge within the Covid-19 response.

“The measures announced today will help minimise that risk and help students get home to their families as safely as possible for Christmas.

"It is crucial students follow the guidance in order to protect their families and the communities they return to.”

Many universities around the country were hit by severe breakouts of Covid-19 in shared student accommodation, with many ordered to stay in their flats for days on end - often with other young people they had only just met for the first time.