THE Great British Bake Off continued with Dessert Week for the five remaining bakers.

The bakers had to tackle mini cheesecake signature, Sussex pond puddings and a jelly cake showstopper for their three challenges.

Here is Sandy Docherty’s verdict of week eight’s episode, as she continues her weekly Telegraph & Argus column which will be online each Wednesday morning while the series is on.

Sandy took part in the 2015 series and is the child protection and welfare officer at Titus Salt School in Baildon.


On Dessert Week, Sandy Says:

“I got a little bit excited last night. I was waiting for that cliff-hanger-style thing to happen. I think I got that pang in my stomach when then jellies were being made.”

On The Signature – mini cheesecakes:

“This was my nemesis, I went out in dessert week. Everyone went for a biscuit, rather than a sponge base. Nobody is turning out something so terrible. There was a lot of passion fruit.

“Hermine’s was nice, but not the best, she did them in the jar.”


On the Technical – Sussex Pond Puddings:

“I had heard of it before. Suet threw everyone off. What is it about old-fashioned bakes? Old-fashioned bakes never really go out of fashion.

“You need to know about the history of cooking. It was not a European, or something from across the world, it was a Sussex pudding.

“Bring back steamed puddings. There’s nothing wrong with steaming for a bit.

“None of them last night were brilliant. They should have allowed for enough steaming time. You don’t always see the logic of the recipe when you’re in the tent.”

On the Showstopper – Jelly sponge cakes featuring mousse:

“I was absolutely mesmerised. I went on YouTube to see how you do jelly art.

“The other four bakers, apart from Hermine, got one element right; either the mousse, sponge and jelly art they were good at.

“Hermine’s had it all. We were looking at the real French patisserie side of her. It really paid off for her. It looked really spectacular.

“All of the showstoppers had an element of elegance.”

On the Star Baker:

“It was quite right that Hermine was star baker. She pushed the boat out.”


On the Baker that went:

“It’s a shame that Marc went, he had a lot to offer. Paul Hollywood was right, Marc made the biggest leap of everybody.

“He came from bottom early on and got better each week.

“His attitude towards baking is one to be learned from. He was baking personally. It showed his love for baking. He was in it for the long haul. He had his heart in the right place.

“It is no mean feat to make the quarter-final.”

On next week:

“It’s the semi-finals, they will have to be absolutely spectacular bakes.”