HIP-HOP soul trio Normanton Street has released its second single with classically trained musicians from Bradford Youth Orchestra.

In the jazzy new single, 'Senorita', the orchestra provided strings and horns for the track, which was released over the weekend.

It follows on from their Summer release of 'All That I Have', which featured the orchestra's string arrangements.

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People can listen to the latest single via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and iTunes.

Like many independent artists, the band has not performed live shows since February. Guitarist Ned Nicholson said the pandemic has provided new ways to overcome adversity.

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Ned said: "To be totally honest, this year has been really hard for independent artists as we operate on a tight budget. Most of our income for the band comes from playing shows. In our most active year we played over 100 shows - so it's a big impact on bands who predominately gig at small and medium sized venues.

"We've tried to stay active by keeping busy with creating and finalising music. Putting more focus on extra bits like photoshoots and adapting to the industry by doing streamed gigs. We plan to do more of that soon. The music vibe is kept alive by staying productive and finding new innovative ways to reach new audiences. As independent artists, that's what we've got to do until we can gig live again."