SIR - Thanks to Vincent Finn for his many contributions to the T&A’s Remember When/Bygone Bradford features which I enjoy reading. This week’s image of the wallpapered locomotive for the Solvite TV advertisement in 1969 brought back some fond memories. One of the decorators is my brother, Peter Sykes, a fresh faced 23-year-old at the time. He worked for Peter Milthorp (sadly no longer with us) whose decorating business was based in Eccleshill. The other decorator stood on the platform was John Exley.

My brother, Peter, emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1972 but still visits family and friends here on a fairly regular basis.

The photograph has popped up on a number of occasions and was featured in a Bygone Bradford Calendar some years ago too. It was quite a thing in those days to see a relative appearing on TV and we all used to call out ‘Our Peter’s on the telly again’.

I’ve sent him a copy of the latest article and am sure he will enjoy showing this to his children and grandchildren.

Wendy Bentley, Hannah Court, Bradford