A QUARRY that would have had to stop work by the end of this year due to planning restrictions has been given a 10 year extension.

Current planning permission attached to Branshaw Quarry, between Laycock and Oakworth, require any works to the site to end by December 31 2020, and for the site to be restored once this work is complete.

Earlier this year Ashlar Stone Products submitted a planning application to amend this permission, allowing them to continue working the quarry until December 2030.

They said the extension would allow them to meet the demand for its high quality stone.

The application said: "It is of local and national significance that these stone products are available in terms of employment and the continued availability of a high quality resource.

Operators of quarry seek extra decade to work and restore site

“The continuation of stone processing operations proposed by this 10 year extension of time will ensure the continuation of supply to meet established demand and job security."

Bradford Council has now approved the time extension.

Like the previous planning approval for the site, there is a condition that the quarry site must be restored within two years of work ending.